Monday, May 1, 2017


Hello blogness my old friend...

Quick post in honor of being induced tomorrow- the nursery is complete! Not that we waited until today to finish things up or anything, nosirree.

Oh yeah, and back to that earlier point: I'm being induced tomorrow! It wasn't planned before today, but I can barely walk/function due to sciatica and migraines, and I'm 39 weeks with favorable cervical bidness, so there isn't a medical reason not to induce me at this point. I am totally thrilled (/terrified/excited/nervous/freaked out/all the other emotions) and can't believe we get to meet our little man tomorrow! Cue: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

When designing the nursery, I knew that I wanted it to fit in with the rest of the house (funky, eclectic, colorful), and be child-friendly without feeling "baby-y". I was set on 3 things: dark emerald green walls (this is Benjamin Moore's Rainforest Foliage in a pearl finish- their version of satin), the lovely light matte gold crib from Land of Nod, and the Marfa crib sheet from Biscuit. Everything else came together around those pieces, and I'm SO into the end result. It feels both gender- and age-neutral, and can either grow with Cinco or transition easily into a guest room if things in the house need to shift around later. The green feels sophisticated and pretty, while the cactus sheet & lamp, otomi pillow, colorful rug, and striped pom curtains add a bit of bohemian Mexican flair to lighten the mood. And it isn't really a Natalie design without some midcentury thrown in, so of course there's that, as well.

The lighting wasn't perfect for pictures, but I was tapped out on standing for the day, so these are what we get :)

That rocking chair is over 30 years old and in perfect condition; my mom has 2 of them and rocked my siblings and I in them when we were nuggets. Luckily the latest recovering of the chair worked perfectly with this space!

The llama's blue blanket "saddle" is an absolutely beautiful navy blanket knit by Joseph's mother for Cinco. <3

Stag patronus guardian.

Yes, I of course have 4 other less-schmancy crib sheets as backups. I may not have kids yet, but I am a NICU nurse!

Yes, that is a map of Middle Earth to the left. To the right is a gorgeous Little Prince print from my lifelong best friend, Alice (who is due in 2 weeks!).

Cactus lamp. Enough said.

The white blob-looking bookends are adorable owls from a Jonathan Adler for Macy's line he did a few years back. The print is an homage to The Darjeeling Limited- Joseph's favorite Wes Anderson. 

The photograph is of me & my seester/best friend Ann Marie- Cinco's godmother & "Tiana". She's a Don Quixote aficionado, so I had to get Cinco a little Rocinante to watch over him.

Probably most importantly, it is SO cozy at night! I may have no idea what it's like to have a baby of your own in your home 24/7, but I do know that things have to be cozy.

Please to wish us luck!