Friday, March 4, 2016

Doll House

A friend recently mentioned how far our condo has come, and to see for myself I dug up old photos (my blog somehow erased a ton of my old post photos, and I thought I had lost them), and oh my gosh it's true! Joseph and I have done so much to this place, and I'm shamelessly proud of the home we've made. We plan on staying here for a few more years, and having it comfortable, pretty, and filled with bits we love reinforces my happiness at that thought.

This June will mark our 4th anniversary here- how does that happen so quickly? It's fun to daydream about having a house with a yard, but we have more than enough space here, and the neighborhood is exactly where we want to be (central), so it's really tough to see what we'd gain in moving. Plus, let's be honest: I only want a yard so that I can have chickens.

Sigh.  I DO really want chickens.

Another time.

For my personal enjoyment, and potentially yours, dear 3 people that used to read my blog, I'm celebrating housing progress today. I've done it in the past, but we're at a much more complete stage now! No comments on how we still haven't pulled up the carpets in the bedrooms, mmkay?

May 2012:


That green was a horrendous teal green. This was not the place for teal green.

Then we painted and moved in! Summer 2012.

aw, remember when chevron was a thing? RIP.
master bath
I've taken these past few years to collect pieces- if you know me at all you know I believe in decorating a home over a long period of time so that you only buy things you really love, and give yourself the time to discover pieces in unexpected places. Yes, it takes a heck of a lot longer to have your home feel complete, stuff-wise, but it's SO worth it! Plus, as you can tell, I love me a bit of maximalism. We are still in the collection process, especially for our bedrooms, and that is just fine with me. An Ikea coffee table next to a Crate and Barrel side table? NBD.

I have to give a shout out to my fantastic husband, too. Joseph has a great eye and is wonderful for bouncing ideas off of. I love knowing that he will be into a piece he has to look at every day, too.

March 2016:


Master bath

Guest room w/ wrinkles.

Oh how I wish I had a picture of the guest bath before. It was POOP BROWN. POOP I TELL YOU.

Thanks for stopping by! Cocktails next week?