Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Once upon a blog...

I had this thought that maybe I would start blogging again. I work night shift in the NICU now (and love it- the NICU is a fascinating place. But that's for another post), so I have days like today where I can play on the internet for several hours, drink way too much coffee, and enjoy the company of my Long Dog, Helix. For your enjoyment, here he is eating a dryer sheet:

Anyhow, I wanted to blog about the Met Gala, namely because I remain in love with what Kylie Jenner wore. I think she looked fantastic: young, fun, beautiful. The simple hair and makeup with the high-necked, side cutout gown in that gorgeous green worked wonders for her, in my humble opinion. I get that people didn't love the sideboob action, but to me, this is perfect on her.

But I chose not to write a whole post, because I got lazy.

I just cannot ignore some of the magic that happened at the CFDA awards, though. People (and their stylists) brought their A games, and I'm in so much lust with many of these outfits. I think the CFDAs often bring more to the table than the Met Gala because people stretch the boundaries of fashion but don't veer into costume territory. It's what I would hope to wear if I were a bajillionaire with galas to attend and had a trainer and dietician.

My favorites, below:

Alek Wek, in H&M's Conscious Collection (funds amazing things, details here):

Amanda Seyfried, in Rodarte. Like high fashion Tinkerbell. Plus: sparkles!:

Chiara Ferragni, in Rebecca Minkoff. Say what you will about crop tops, but this is just FUN.

Diane von F├╝rstenburg, in...duh. It's slouchy, it's chic, it's print! Palm Beach: Fanciest edition.

Dree Hemingway in The Row. I'm so predictable: I'm a sucker for a woman in a tux.

Check out her earrings! Those plus the gold bangle seal the deal for me here. I also could never pull off that barefaced, chill as everything hair, and I am in awe of people who can.

Gigi Hadid in a Michael Kors jumpsuit. That is gold. and flared. WTF I LOVE THIS. Her makeup is perfect, too, which helps. I could pick on her clutch, but I won't.

One of my top top favorites, Jacquelyn Jablonski, in Giulietta. Stunning, with ├╝ber-rad shoes, to boot.
M hm.

Janelle Monae killing it in Tadashi Shoji. Arguably the best look of the night.
And a big thank you to my hippest friend, Bryan, for introducing me to this video years ago.

Joan Smalls, she-who-can-do-no-wrong, in Calvin Klein Collection (this shot makes it look like a jumpsuit, but it's a dress):


I'm not usually a Katie Holmes fan, but this is so 90's glamour that I can't resist it. Plus I LOVE olive and think it is way underused (Ralph Lauren, btw). Also, she looks so happy, right? A little wrinkled, but I assume that's unavoidable if you're wearing satin unless you walk to the event. The whole Tom Cruise thing was so weird and I am happy to see her out and about on her own, being lovely and smiling.

Lily Aldridge, an aesthetic idol of mine, in Thakoon. Sleeves, sparkles, and a v-neck? It's my dream dress, you guys.

Lastly, probably my top top top favorite- Emmy Rossum in Dion Lee. Again: SLEEVES. and black! Bonus: sweet clutch. Hm, maybe this one is my dream dress instead.

You can buy this for me here, by the way. Thanks!