Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back in black.

Ah, the beginnings of fall! When I walk Helix late at night or before noon, it actually feels lovely outside, which is obviously the best reason to begin cleaning out my closet. Besides being slightly terrified of how many J.Crew button-ups I own, I also realized that in the past few years I've ventured into way more colorful territory than I had been previously. I'm feeling much more drawn to black again (shocking), so I've already grabbed a few key pieces to re-black up my wardrobe. I also discovered that my favorite leather jacket from 2004 fits perfectly again and looks on-trend, which was probably the best score of the clean-out.

So, an ode to black:

Have you seen Mark Badgley and James Mischka's dining room? It's black and booky and divine:

I guess if you forced me to I'd drink champagne in there all day.

Then I'd go powder my nose here:


And make sure my outfit still looked all right. Hedging my bets I'd be in these trousers:

nice work, Ann Taylor

With this guy tossed over my shoulder:

Mackage via Revolve

It's a lovely thought, yes?

I'll probably keep it simple, considering student loans and all, though, and look into a pretty pretty black diamond band to buy myself if I get a job and magically have expendable cash. Procrastinating studying and eyeing these beauties:

Non-old lady looking David Yurman

Much more affordable, via Etsy

Spill the beans- are you as excited about donning all-out black as I am? Or is oxblood calling your name this season?