Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dreaming of fall...

If I could find a place that had 8 months of fall, 2 months of winter, 1 month of spring, and 1 month of summer every year, I would probably move there immediately (I'd also love a little socialism and a great oyster restaurant). Despite the fact that I own 10 bathing suits (thanks for fueling an unnecessary obsession, J.Crew), I'm just not a hot-weather kind of gal. Anyhow, this usually means that I'm completely on top of the fall/winter runways when they start popping up around February, but there's that whole "nursing school" thing happening in my life until December, which means I'm woefully behind on EVERYTHING ALSO I MISS MY FRIENDS.

So apologies if you've all already seen these, but I literally just discovered Vera Wang's fall ready-to-wear, and it's gorgeous. I've been unimpressed with her wedding gowns lately (she used to be known for beautiful structure, but there's been so much ripped tulle lately it's messing with my brain), so I was shocked that I loved her RTW as much as I did.

Quick bridal review. A beautiful Vera Wang from the mid-2000s, modeled in 2009 by my lovely seester (she also got married at our Bastrop cabin). Note the flowy structure and glamorous simplicity:

and the back:

She would like me to share with my readers that she scored big time and got this for half-off on Ebay! She had fallen in love with it at Vera Wang and then on a whim googled and found it in her size about 100 miles away. A girl had WORN IT TO HER PROM. A Vera Wang. TO PROM. But it worked out great for Ann Marie, so thanks, that girl's crazy parents!

Compare seester's dress to this 2015 design:

Can you see the difference? Maybe just a little? Mmmhm.

Moving on, you can see why a perfect fall RTW was pleasantly surprisingly. There's no other way to put it, this collection is cool. And I want it all.

Goth shimmer!

Punk brocade!

Black and grey plaid EVERYWHERE:

Rose metallic!

Rose metallic PLUS PLAID:

Everyday plaid!

And the best look of all- florals, olive, gloves, swingy sleeveless coat, rocker jewelry!

I can't even deal with the fact that I have to wear scrubs tomorrow and Thursday.