Thursday, May 15, 2014

black and white all over

For as much as I love color, I've also always been really drawn to the simplicity of black and white, particularly when used in an otherwise bursting-with-color house. A couple of girlfriends and I went to Midnight Cowboy last night for drinks, and seeing their gorgeous b&w restroom was a nice little bonus. I can't find a picture of it online, but go, drink delicious cocktails, and ogle for yourself; you won't regret it.

When I'm not reading, I spend a lot of time designing my dream house, and it always has a black and white kitchen and at least one black and white bathroom. Kitchen inspiration pics:

I LOVE the contrast of the vintage chandelier with the bamboo shades.

A more traditional b&w that's wonderful (if a little too traditional for my own house). Those barstools, though! Love!


A pretty pretty blend of traditional and eclectic (shut up, perfect range. Just shut up with your fancy self). That backsplash, too, amirite?

Courtney Blanton

And another nice blend of tastes. Just plain cool:

Stephane Charmard

 And powder room/bathroom muses:

Rita Konig. drool.

This Mark Sikes is perfect. The caramel shower curtain and bamboo side table really soften up the look:


And I have literally dreamed about this Nina Campbell "perroquet" wallpaper. If I stick to solids in the kitchen and bathrooms, how killer would this be in a dining room? 

Here's a shot of it in a foyer, which is also a perfect place for it. It's such a great combination of traditional, fun, and a little unexpected.

Heck, even my favorite Cannes dresses so far are black and white!

Zhang Ziyi, beyond stunning as always, in St├ęphane Rolland:

no words.

And (surprising me most of all), Kendall Jenner in Chanel:

And thus concludes our study in contrasts and first blog post in many moons! I'm on break from nursing school until the 27th, so I may even post again before the month is up...