Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick! Dresses!

Thirty minutes until I have to go back to class means just enough time to find my favorite Grammys outfits and share on ye olde neglected blog.

Numero cuatro (and I usually don't really care for her choices) is Taylor Swift in Gucci. She's so svelte that the shape is perfect on her, and although it's her usual neutral sparkle, I still think it's way more special than what she normally goes with. I would've gone with a berry lip, but c'est la Swift.

All photos from all over the internet.

Next, and I know this will be a contentious one, Zendaya Coleman in Ungaro. Maybe it's my penchant for button-ups, but I just love this look. It's funky but formal, sexy but not skanky.

Teeny tiny Sarah Hyland is #3 for me. I want this dress more than I can say. Pucci (although definitely looks like a loose Narcisco Rodriguez to my untrained eyes):

And the apex of my love sits (obviously), with Yoko Ono.

Ok, back to IVs! Sorry to be AWOL; hopefully I can check in more often from here on out.


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