Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick! Dresses!

Thirty minutes until I have to go back to class means just enough time to find my favorite Grammys outfits and share on ye olde neglected blog.

Numero cuatro (and I usually don't really care for her choices) is Taylor Swift in Gucci. She's so svelte that the shape is perfect on her, and although it's her usual neutral sparkle, I still think it's way more special than what she normally goes with. I would've gone with a berry lip, but c'est la Swift.

All photos from all over the internet.

Next, and I know this will be a contentious one, Zendaya Coleman in Ungaro. Maybe it's my penchant for button-ups, but I just love this look. It's funky but formal, sexy but not skanky.

Teeny tiny Sarah Hyland is #3 for me. I want this dress more than I can say. Pucci (although definitely looks like a loose Narcisco Rodriguez to my untrained eyes):

And the apex of my love sits (obviously), with Yoko Ono.

Ok, back to IVs! Sorry to be AWOL; hopefully I can check in more often from here on out.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Return to normalcy...for now!

Joseph and I had not one, but THREE Christmases this year! It was really amazing; we were bummed to come back from Jamaica (honeymon), but got to immediately jump into the holiday spirit to help assuage our vacation-missing pangs. For actual Christmas day, we just hung out with each other; we watched 2 Lord of the Rings movies, made delicious cornish hens, and drank champagne. That weekend we went out to Bastrop and spent a few days with most of my nuclear family, and on New Years Day we headed up north to see Joseph's clan. On Sunday night (well, early Monday morning) we flew back into Austin from Virginia, and we're now trying to get back into the grind. For him: work. For me: starting nursing school! I have some online modules and study material to do before I officially start next Monday with in-hospital clinical training. I'm going to insert all the catheters!

Anywhoozits, I recently read an article about how pregnant women go into "nesting" mode as their trimesters progress, and apparently that's also true for women about to start fast-paced school programs. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I might have vacuumed today. Just. Saying. I also spent some holiday cash at The Container Store instead of Nordstrom, which is quite the big deal for me. But look!

Not pictured: boots all up in the corners of the closet.
Now I can actually see my shoes instead of just defaulting to two different pairs over and over again because of the jumble o' heels that used to be there. It's like magic.

I also (single tear) took down our leetle Christmas tree. I miss it already, but do love the clean lines that come from putting everything back in its proper place.

Santa got me that candle. It's the coolest- battery-operated but looks really real. The company's called Luminara.

And I switched some art around as well. My insanely talented brother (Steve) is a fabulous photographer (as a hobby), and Joseph and I asked him for a print of our favorite piece of his as our wedding gift. The picture of it doesn't do it justice at all, so you'll just have to trust me.

It's not the absolute perfect piece for the surrounding decor, but with art I say if you love love love it, put it up where it gets to show itself off.

So R2 and C3 got relegated to the dining room, where they look pretty darn awesome, ifidosaysomyself. It's a lot of gold with the chandelier, but I've decided I don't care. Plus it's hard to put art around that light fixture: besides the fact that it dwarfs everything, the shadows it throws interrupt the flow of most pieces. But the prints don't get messed up by the shadows, which is perfect.


Pardon the mess.

And a better view:

Obviously the chandelier is meant for a bigger room, but like I said about the art: put what you love where you love it! It'll transition really nicely with us when we move to a larger space.

Ahhhhhhh. The joy of decorating! I know you're all sick of my living room by now, so I'll give you this to drool over as well:

by Emerick Architects