Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Man chirps.

We're taking a break from girly pretty to do something a little different: a MAN POST.

Ok, it's not quite as dramatic as all that, but stay with me here. 

Our entry closet, a little nook for hanging coats and such, was quickly turning into a bit of a burial ground for stuff we didn't have another place for. Thus, it wasn't being put to good use, so Joseph decided to do something about it. Previously, all his tools were in random shelves in the guest room, so nothing was easily accessible (or easily put-back-able). But with a little creativity and a couple of trips to Lowe's, Joseph turned our closet o' shame into a man closet o' rawr.


It looked worse than this; I think this was part-way through the cleaning out.

And after! It's hard to get a good picture, but I think you can see that Joseph built and painted a middle shelf for his toolbox.

And on the side walls, peg boards (thanks, cousin Katie, for buying them for us off our registry!):

Ta-da! It's great- Joseph can just pop over to his closet, quickly find whatever tool he needs, and then just as quickly put it back up when he's done. I think it's a really smart use of the space since we don't have access to a garage, and Joseph loves it. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Let's just get this out of the way first: 24 days until I become a wife!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Onto today's post- beautiful moody interiors. Every year as fall rolls in I want to paint every room in my house a dark color, turn on the heat, and open a window a bit while I read a billion books. It might not be quite cold enough for that yet in Austin, but it's coming! I thought I'd help fall make up its mind to come in by showing it how it influences interiors. Sure, it's a stretch, but what the heck.

First up, a Miles Redd bedroom that is just epic enough to be awesome, and definitely cozy enough to see you through fall and winter.

Up next, a super-glam living room from I'm not sure whom, but found on Houzz. It's a little too "schmancy hotel lobby" for me, but I still lust it.

One of my faves is this next guy, a Michele Bonan dining room. The hague blue on the walls, the library-esque feel, the contrasting chartreuse curtains, the caramel leather...sigh.

Pardon the arrows; had to do a screenshot.

This next room, a Kelly Wearstler kitchen, pushes all my happy buttons. So much glam (brass cabinets? shut up), although a smidge untouchable.

And since greens are really doing it for me lately, I'll end verdurous, courtesy of Todd Yoggy
Two words: olive velvet.

Allrighty then, time for a drop in temperature! What say you: Is fall your favorite season, too?