Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Why helloooooo there interwebz! I had a few free minutes, and I've been thinking about my blog a lot lately, so I figured now is as good a (random) time as ever for a quick update.

Things have been absolutely crazy (in a great way) since I left my job. For some reason I honestly thought I would just have all this time to study as much as possible and keep the house perfectly clean and work out every day, but suffice it to say that hasn't exactly been the case. The end results are similar: the house is mostly clean most of the time and I'm making A's, but that 5 pounds I thought I could banish seem to have stuck around just fine. But I'm staying focused on the important things, which is what really matters.

Namely, I turned in my first nursing school application! I can't really express how crazy this feels to me. So many varying emotions- what if I don't get in? What if I DO get in? What happens once I graduate and am actually in charge of people's healthcare?? And after that; a master's? PhD? BABIES?

So, yeah. My main goal for the moment is staying focused on the right here and now. I'm certainly not being laissez-faire about anything, but I'm trying my hardest to maintain a sense of calm about the whole thing; what happens happens, and I'll take each piece of good or bad news as it comes. And in the meantime, I'm happy, healthy, and doing well with my current responsibilities, which is really all I can ask for, right?

Oh, and I'm getting married to a man I love more than I thought possible, so there's that, too...

And on that note, I couldn't possibly leave you with zero pieces of eye candy! And since I'm officially on my wedding diet (read: not eating everything in sight), eye candy is the main type of candy I'm allowed right now.

Eye candy #1: Jenny Packham evening gown (in my opinion, perfect for a wedding dress).

Speaking of colored wedding gowns, check out this real bride's amazing Rodarte for #2:

Her beautiful arms are eye candy #2.5.

For either dress, I'd probably go with eye candy #3: anemones:

But who cares about the dress or the flowers, let's all just fly to Bali, shall we?

Talk about a venue!