Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life changes. Also: kitchens.

Oh hi guys!! Remember me? The little blogger that could? No? Well, that's ok, too.

Well if you do, you may also remember how I had that job that I was super unhappy at? Well I quit last week, and I couldn't be happier! It was about a month sooner than I was planning on, but there were straws, and broken camels' backs, and all sorts of other reasons that I needed to get out sooner rather than later. I'm so thankful for my incredibly supportive parents and fiancé for helping me out during this transition, and I cannot wait to officially be free to focus on my studies and volunteering. Next Thursday is my last day, but I had two PTO days to use, so I technically only have 3.5 days left :)

I've been really (stupidly) stressed the past couple of weeks with school and work reaching its peak of...let's just say "difficulty" to be p.c., which means I've been eating like crap and not exercising. Why hello there, 2.4 extra pounds. Not nice to see you.

This all means a couple of things:

1) I get to get back in shape since I'll have no excuse not to! I'm going to try this "Dancer's Shape" studio down the road from our condo, as well as a Bikram place nearby. I miss Bikram, but I think the barre fit place may be more up my alley right now.


2) I plan on painting the kitchen. I hate painting, but it's necessary, and I've been wanting to do it, and the kitchen REALLY needs an uplift. Right now it's not bad, it's just not great. It's the same weird light greenish that used to be in the living/dining/hallway as well. I don't have a good picture of it; you can just barely see it above the pantry door to the left here:

Once it's re-painted I also plan on an inexpensive but pretty new track light.

I'm having SUCH a difficult time deciding what direction to go with this, though. At first, as you may remember, I really wanted to go all white, but the cabinets are actually slightly off-white (ugh, previous owner. WHY?), and I don't have the patience or room to repaint all of them, so white is out. I am recently loving orange, but I wonder if it'll look too 70's against the off-white cabinets. Then again, look how lovely this room is:


The key would be to make it a more muted orange; cantaloupe as opposed to mandarin.

Then, staying on the fruit train, I thought- aha! Pear! Or chartreuse, rather. Look how lovely it is with the pink and gold, and you know I have lots of that around.

Design Sponge

But you run the risk of it becoming vomit-y really easily, and the lighting in the kitchen isn't great, which means that's a high probability.

I love. love. love. this coral, but I think ye ole Joseph would read it as too pink.


I'll probably need to save that for a guest bathroom down the road or a baby's room.

But then yesterday I was wandering around the condo making note of the various colors used, and I feel like the condo is missing some drama. I get some in the furnishings in the living room and the (wonderful crazy) chandelier, as well as the teal velvet drapes in the master bedroom, but otherwise I went pretty happy-go-lucky, wall-wise. So now I'm contemplating going the complete opposite direction and doing a lovely glossy darker shade in the kitchen. I think it would play nicely off the off-white cabinetry and be a great backdrop to the light grey living/dining area that leads into the kitchen.

I'm realizing that my current paint color obsession may just be navy.



Although...glossy green? Be still, my heart!

Savvy Home

Greener still:

source unknown. Le sorry.

I am conflicted! I think I've pretty much talked myself into doing a darker room, but I'd love to hear your thoughts! For a reminder, here's how the dining room leads into the living area. You would be able to see the kitchen color around the window above the sink.

Go on, opine me. You know you want to.