Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sparkle Thursday: Christmas Edition!

Since I've been vibing on the more masculine spaces lately, it was really fun to jump back into Candyland and decorate for Christmas.


We wish you a merry mantle...

The topiary balls (*insert obligatory giggle here*) will stay, minus the birds.

Best ornament ever.

And our little Charlie Brown tree:

I love the giant star and ornaments on it. If you can't be kitschy during the holidays, when can you?

Second best ornament ever:

Nothing says happy holidays quite like a giant jeweled bug.

Are your halls decked?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Registries and revisions

As you either know personally or can imagine, a REALLY fun part of getting married is deciding on your registry. Joseph and I had lived together for about two and a half years before we got engaged, so we knew we didn't want or need a ton of stuff. Our list was mostly: nice new pots and pans, china, some crystal, and a few tools for Joseph. Which also meant I got to add on some fun stuff I'd been wanting for the house, like new throw pillows, a duvet cover, a fauxidermy deer head (if you think I'm kidding, you don't know me that well. Give it time.), etc. etc. Joseph was kind enough to allow this; I assume he knows he's stuck with my decorating bug for the rest of our lives by this point. If you're wondering, we used My Registry, which I highly recommend.

The new touches have added so much to our condo that I had to show you! The living room is just new pillows (and I redid the mantle), but I'll be showing you the revised master bedroom and bathroom soon as well (bathroom still needs to be painted). Our living room currently has a teeny Christmas tree in the corner that's taken the place of the second crystal lamp, but you can get the general idea. As an aside- I'm very sad to not have a full-size real Christmas tree this year, but we're going to Jamaica for 8 days (!!) on the 13th for our honeymoon, so it just didn't seem practical. Plus our little fake tree makes me really happy for some reason; I think it maybe reminds me of Bastrop pre-fires.

Pre-registry living room:

The pillows just didn't really fit with the new nice side tables and couch. Plus, you can't tell that much from the picture, but they weren't very good quality.
I think it's amazing what a huge difference pillows can make. These new guys are all big and squishy and made of beautiful material, and they make the space more mature.

Butterfly pillow, Black linen pillow, Gold and white pillows

I so often hear people say that they don't have the money to spruce up their place, but you don't have to go buy an expensive new couch or armchair to do so. A lamp and/or a couple of pillows starts the process really nicely (especially if you're renting and can't paint). 

From the corner where sits the (as-yet-undecorated) tree:

Hm. Wish I'd turned those lamps on. Aerial does, too.

And the mantle, which I glammed up with gold candles but simpled up by taking down the large floral arrangement. Our stockings will go nicely in the middle. Pardon the dirty fireplace; we've gotten a lot of use out of it already!

Mmmm. Sometimes less IS more. And yes, that's my "less".

I really really love the space- it's still young and fun and fresh, but just looks more put together and will age nicely. Kinda like my mom.