Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sparkles for your Wednesday

I wish I had a longer post for you today, but I only have a few free minutes, so I thought we'd do ye olde Sparkle Thursday on Wednesday instead! Because: Wednesday.

I'm going super narcissistic here and making the sparkles about my wedding dress, because I was/am seriously obsessed with it. I don't have any professional photos yet of me in it, but since I wrote the post on my prospective dresses, I thought I'd show you what I ended up with.

Ta-da! Jenny Packham's Eden (on a lovely model):

Lauren, did you guess correctly?

And a couple shots from the big day:

makin' out.



It was super comfortable, even more beautiful in person, not super bridal-y, and I didn't have to diet to fit into it. Now I just need to find a black tie gala to attend so I can re-wear it. Let me know if you hear of one, ok?

Oh, and for fun, The Duchess of Cambridge in Jenny Packham:

Also: warning. You will probably be forced to look at more pictures of me when I get the professional shots in. So...there's that. Apologies in advance.


  1. I knew it'd be a Jenny Packham!!! It was mostly obvious because you didn't have any of her dresses on the post and I just knew she'd be a favorite. I didn't know your dress was by her when I saw the facebook pics but I was not surprised at all by the vintagey look. I LOVE IT!! Lucky gal in your perfect dress :)

    OK is it getting weird that I'm psychoanalyzing you via your dress/decor tastes but not having coffee with you in real life? Let's do this when your married life settles down!

    1. YES. we do live in the same city, after all! i'll fb message you my phone number so we can set something up. xooxox