Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dark & Thankful

I'm so predictable: It's cold outside and I immediately blog about cozy spaces. But they make me so happy! If Joseph would let me I'd repaint our whole condo dark every winter (only to want to repaint it light every spring). Since I hate painting, though, and we aren't rolling in dah dollahs (lame), I just drool online instead. Vamos a ver:

A lovely, simple, navy living room with a vintage couch to make you thankful for resale shops:


A grey and green dining room to make you thankful for darker looks that work gorgeously year-round (hint: It's the beige linen):

As you can see, Veranda

A beautifully curated corner that goes with the previous year-round thankfulness:

Apartment Therapy

A hague blue living room to make you thankful for the over-the-top (even if you wouldn't do it in your own home):

House Beautiful (thanks corner of photo!)

And finally, a luxurious living room so you can be thankful for mixes of simplicity and glamour, manly and feminine:


Ta-da! Have an amazing holiday, eat a little too much (or a lot too much, I don't judge), and try to drink some red wine in a cozy space for me, ok? I'm thankful for you, readers!

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