Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On green.

You all may remember how many grey samples I had to buy to find the right one for our living/dining/hallway area. If not, I will tell you- approximately 12. I would link back to the original post, but all of those pictures are gone, so the effect isn't as great simply reading about it. At any rate, for the kitchen I was determined to do some sort of darker color, and in the end I decided on green. But then- emerald? Jade? Peacock? Grass? Deep lime? Vivid with a hint of blue? Eff it-- flamingo pink?

My final samples were these. I started with the five at the top, then narrowed it to 2 that I painted as bigger swatches:

Obviously you can't see as well in a photo, but I think you can tell that the one on the left has a tinge more yellow and comes across as a grass green, whereas the one on the right has a tinge more blue, thus coming across as emerald.

Here they are on a different wall with slightly different lighting.

I have a couple of reasons for going with green, besides the fact that it's beautiful.

1) Our kitchen cabinets are off-white instead of white (argh, wherefore previous owner?), and since we are only going to be here for a few years I am not going to undertake painting those suckers. Dark green looks great against the slightly off-white.

2) Probably the main reason: the backsplash has these varying tiles interspersed throughout, like so:

I would never pick out these tiles for myself (they're pretty, just not my taste), but again- we aren't prepared to redo a backsplash in this condo. So I thought, if I can't beat the tiles, join them! Thus, green goes with a Mexican vibe I want to channel, that will be helped with some choice pieces of art I've been needing to hang but haven't had a place for (here's looking at you, Jessica!).

I was severely torn between the two big samples for a few days. On one hand, the emerald-y one is more "me", and it's just a prettier color. However, given the tiles the slightly yellower green works much better. It's still a lovely color, just not as glamorous. Plus Joseph likes it the best, and considering that he lets me make 99% of the decor decisions, I think it's best if we go with his preference here. Oh, and you may remember that when we first moved in there was a HUGE green/teal accent wall in the living area (of which no pictures remain), and the yellower green ensures we don't think of that wall every time we look at the kitchen...

Thoughts? Concerns? Good jokes? We're painting this weekend, so I'll have an update with pictures for you ASAP!


  1. Green is my favorite color so I fancy myself a bit of a connoisseur. Go with the left.

  2. Glad I have a connoisseur's word! I'm really excited about it. The rest of the condo is bright so I'm just going for the dark and trusting it'll be awesome. Not like we even spend time in the kitchen besides cooking, anyways.