Thursday, March 14, 2013


I may be too busy to blog regularly, but I'm never too busy to shop. And I've really been trying to step outside my comfort zone a tiny bit with what I wear; maybe wear colorful shoes when I do black top and jeans, or a cardigan with a pattern instead of a solid. I know, I know: really small changes, and nothing in particular to write home about, but still. For instance, today I put on a black shirt and black jeggings, and instead of my usual black cardigan and pumps I went crazy with chartreuse:

and a polka dot pump:

Well, more specifically, two polka dot pumps.

I was pretty good about stepping outside my comfort zone when I was about 16-20, but then I gained 40 pounds (15 of which I needed to gain, admittedly) and any confidence I had went straight out the window. I still bought some nice pieces, but they were all black and cut in a way so as to camouflage pretty much anything and everything (minus chubby cheeks).

At any rate, as the pounds started dropping off, my closet started to get more and more fun. I started embracing colors that I never would have worn before, like coral!

bonus: Jane!

And even (gasp!) PATTERNS:

Purple paisley people eater.

While I would love to say I've gone full man repeller, I am not that cool or adventurous quite yet.  But if you're stuck in an all grey/black/brown/olive wardrobe and looking for a change, spring is definitely the time to do so! Below, my picks for adding some spice to your closet (don't worry, nothing is too crazy. Maybe in 2014):

Jazz it up!

Tomorrow, my picks for jazzing up a wardrobe that needs MORE neutrals!