Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday!

As much as I've been seriously discouraged by Blogger's somehow taking down all of my pictures, I miss blogging! So I shall press on, and hopefully have some future success. For now I've thrown this random free background on; enjoy!

My awesome new coworker, Jessica, used to work for Brides magazine, and she got me a subscription to it, which is REALLY FUN! No more perusing in the checkout line at H-E-B; now I can peruse at home instead of studying hyperpolarization and neurons and such.

This article is in the edition I just got in the mail, and oh. my. god. If I had a million dollar wedding budget, I would do exactly this. The couple lives in Puerto Rico, and they decided to do a destination wedding in New York at the Plaza Hotel.

The bride only tried on one dress, a Marchesa. You can see why!

But seriously, the dress is nothing compared to the reception. They TURNED THE PLAZA HOTEL BALLROOM INTO A FOREST. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU.

The entrance to the party:

Actual party:

SERIOUSLY. THEY SERIOUSLY DID THAT. Plus, at midnight a gold disco ball emerged from the foliage.

They also mixed up a bunch of random different chairs, which adds more unexpectedness and wow-factorage.

 Not to mention they had lobster with citrus risotto, grilled filet mignon, and lemon branzino for dinner, followed by late-night finger foods at 2 a.m. And their music? Grammy-winning singer Juan Luis Guerra. 

Is it crazy and over the top? Oh hells yes. Do I totally wish it were my wedding? Also yes, but with a different dress. I got mine this past weekend and it is perfection :)