Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's kind of a terrible word, amirite? When I interned at an advertising agency we had to work with Bud Light's whole "Drinkability" campaign, but in Spanish (ugh, Bebidabilidad). I just don't think you can really throw an "ability" onto the end of any old word and make it a thing (says the girl who loves her portmanteaus, mind you).

That being said...Narciso Rodriguez's Fall 2013 collection has nothing if not total and complete-you guessed it-wearability. This man's designs are perfection; they're sleek, sexy, and appropriate for New York, Los Angeles, Austin, South Dakota, you name it. Ok, maybe not South Dakota. But I've never been to South Dakota, so don't quote me on that. He hints at androgyny but the result is ├╝ber-fem.

Check it. I want all of it, and I would wear it until it literally fell apart. Especially the first look he showed- this ridiculously chic monochromatic bit.

He threw in a hint of mod printage to mix it up:

And kept that feel going with some 70s tangerine.

He offered up some straight glam slipdresses:

And slipdress/gowns:

Then combined formal with day chic:

And if you didn't pay attention to the shoes the first go-round, scroll through again and do so. Simple, innovative, fabulous.

We call today: lusty Tuesday.

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