Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Thanks for not showing me pictures of Oscars after-party dresses until just recently, internet.

Amy Adams's after-party dress kicked her ceremony dress's huge patootie in a major way.

Oh Oscar de la Renta, what a fine, fine creation you have given us indeed. I am so thrilled that there is 20s deco inspiration everywhere. This dress now takes my cake for best one of the night, hands down.

Shiny fringe!

Also- gratuitous ring shot. Halos FTW.

It's always awesome to see a real life person pull off a dress better than the model did on the runway, don't you agree?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's kind of a terrible word, amirite? When I interned at an advertising agency we had to work with Bud Light's whole "Drinkability" campaign, but in Spanish (ugh, Bebidabilidad). I just don't think you can really throw an "ability" onto the end of any old word and make it a thing (says the girl who loves her portmanteaus, mind you).

That being said...Narciso Rodriguez's Fall 2013 collection has nothing if not total and complete-you guessed it-wearability. This man's designs are perfection; they're sleek, sexy, and appropriate for New York, Los Angeles, Austin, South Dakota, you name it. Ok, maybe not South Dakota. But I've never been to South Dakota, so don't quote me on that. He hints at androgyny but the result is ├╝ber-fem.

Check it. I want all of it, and I would wear it until it literally fell apart. Especially the first look he showed- this ridiculously chic monochromatic bit.

He threw in a hint of mod printage to mix it up:

And kept that feel going with some 70s tangerine.

He offered up some straight glam slipdresses:

And slipdress/gowns:

Then combined formal with day chic:

And if you didn't pay attention to the shoes the first go-round, scroll through again and do so. Simple, innovative, fabulous.

We call today: lusty Tuesday.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Eye candy, designer-style.

I won't win any awards for pointing out the obvious, but I'll share my faves from the red carpet nonetheless. I mean, who doesn't like to look at pretty things multiple times?

I clocked Amy Adams in at #2 best-dressed. Her Oscar de la Renta somehow managed to be over the top and subtly glamorous at the same time; probably due to the lovely dove grey of it.

This shot shows how gorgeous her makeup was, too. She looks like Cinderella, but better. Cinderella would've put on an annoying necklace, methinks.

It's just spectacular. I can't even imagine what it feels like to wear a dress like that.

Next up, Natalie Portman. Yes, I love her no matter what and would've tried to find an excuse to feature her even if she didn't look flawless, but luckily she did the work for me! Here she is at the Vanity Fair after-party in Dior. I didn't rank her because she wasn't technically shown at the Oscars, but she'd probably put Amy Adams at #3 if I had to choose. So...I guess I just ranked her. Sorry, Amy.

I will ALWAYS like an outfit when it involves emerald earrings.

So sleek! She's a fellow shortie, and looks so glamorous and tall here, which is a hallmark of a well-designed gown.

And best-dressed by a long shot, Naomi Watts in Armani Prive.

Hot damn, woman.

Thoughts, agreements, disagreements?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Condo recap, part I.

I am going to try to go through some old blog posts and reupload some pictures; I know I don't have anything mind-blowing on here, but it's been my little work respite for a couple of years now and I am so sad that Blogger still hasn't responded about fixing the site.

At any rate, I loved being able to see the condo before and afters really easily, so that's where I'm going to start. Since there were so many posts, I'm just going to consolidate them a bit and hope for the best. This is old news for all of you, so you'll have to humor me. Or just look away. That's also an option!

It's crazy to look back on these after so many months. I can't believe we started with such a strange palette and were able to tweak it exactly how we wanted (paint and furniture-wise).

Let's start with the most important space for Joseph and me- the living room. Warning, the before
shots hurt.


So we did this! Pardon the cell phone quality pictures.

I can't even tell you how much I love our living room. It's cozy, it's fun, it's eclectic, it's fresh.

Dining nook:

Dining after! We really want a real dining set, but: priorities.

Ceci n'est pas une shoe pile upstage right.


And lastly for today, just for fun, a couple shots of the kitchen. Oh how much I want to wallpaper this baby! For now, we're lucky it's a nice space because it doesn't scream for change.

A mod rug and some teal dish towels tie it in to the living/dining area.

Efficient! Effective! Not bad!

Ta-da! For my next trick I'll round up the guest bath, guest room, and master, and then hopefully start giving you good new posts again. 

For now: government, physiology, save-the-dates.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday!

As much as I've been seriously discouraged by Blogger's somehow taking down all of my pictures, I miss blogging! So I shall press on, and hopefully have some future success. For now I've thrown this random free background on; enjoy!

My awesome new coworker, Jessica, used to work for Brides magazine, and she got me a subscription to it, which is REALLY FUN! No more perusing in the checkout line at H-E-B; now I can peruse at home instead of studying hyperpolarization and neurons and such.

This article is in the edition I just got in the mail, and oh. my. god. If I had a million dollar wedding budget, I would do exactly this. The couple lives in Puerto Rico, and they decided to do a destination wedding in New York at the Plaza Hotel.

The bride only tried on one dress, a Marchesa. You can see why!

But seriously, the dress is nothing compared to the reception. They TURNED THE PLAZA HOTEL BALLROOM INTO A FOREST. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU.

The entrance to the party:

Actual party:

SERIOUSLY. THEY SERIOUSLY DID THAT. Plus, at midnight a gold disco ball emerged from the foliage.

They also mixed up a bunch of random different chairs, which adds more unexpectedness and wow-factorage.

 Not to mention they had lobster with citrus risotto, grilled filet mignon, and lemon branzino for dinner, followed by late-night finger foods at 2 a.m. And their music? Grammy-winning singer Juan Luis Guerra. 

Is it crazy and over the top? Oh hells yes. Do I totally wish it were my wedding? Also yes, but with a different dress. I got mine this past weekend and it is perfection :)