Friday, January 4, 2013

Birthday treats.

It's my birthday on Tuesday (the big 2-7, an age that means absolutely nothing!), and Anthro had the audacity to send me a 15% coupon. How dare they?! They know I need to be squirreling money away right now, and then they do a thing like this.

I'm absolutely furious.

You might say I'm seeing red.

Mainly because I'm now seriously eyeing this dress:


Although let's be honest, I'd probably actually get the blue one.

It comes in a petite! It's CALLING OUT TO ME. "Wear me to work!" It says. "Wear me to dinner!" It claims. "Wear me casually!" It squeals.

Then there's this one, that calls out, "You will hardly ever have a chance to wear me and I'm more than you can spend right now, but drool over me anyways!"


I want it. But I can't have it. You buy it! Then send me pictures and tell me it's less awesome in person and that I would regret buying it.

Of course I know I'll end up buying something super practical and most likely on sale (since EVERYTHING at Anthro eventually goes on sale. I guarantee you I'll get that blue dress in about a month at, like, 60% off), so I'm looking at this top, considering 98% of my wardrobe is collared shirts.


And this guy is whispering sweet nothings, too.


Tell me more, shirt I can wear once a week.

Or maybe I'll just invest in a $150 dollar beach towel.

This really exists.

I can't even. Why, Anthropologie, why?

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