Monday, September 17, 2012

Productivity (and gold!)

Joseph and I had a ridiculously productive weekend. We have a lovely double date with the Dailey's on Friday night:

Then on Saturday we ran all sorts of errands, including going to Hobby Lobby for frames for our gorgeous signed and numbered steampunk Star Wars pieces.

Behold the final products!

They replaced Jacques Rhinó above the fireplace:

They look so awesome, and I just want to stare at them. But I won't, because that would be weird.

Anyhow, that's not all we did! I've had a new chandelier sitting in the guest bedroom for weeks now, and Sunday (after a lovely Saturday evening football party) turned out to be the magical day that we hung it. I don't think the badassery of this chandelier can be overstated, but you can decide for yourselves. We have yet to get a real dining room table and chairs, but what we do have works just fine for now.

First, a before shot. Please note the horrendous pendant (in all fairness, you can't really see it here, but it's bad):

The process (warning, dreamy shirtless boyfriends ahead):

Fun with wires in ceilings!

Nom nom nom. 

Narsty old pendant detached from ceiling. See what I mean now?

Aaaaaaaand, end results!

The shadows are phenomenal, and not quite as extreme in real life. That would probably be a bit too phenomenal.

Lights off (it's really dark because it was raining all day):

And an up close:


Thursday, September 6, 2012


In case you've been in a dark cellar for the past 20ish hours, the link below takes you to a transcript of Bill Clinton's excellent speech (like, beyond excellent), and even has cool factoids that pop up as you scroll through the text.

Oh Bill and technology, you sexy, sexy beasts.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Count me in.

Welp, it's about time. Joe Wright has made Anna Karenina, cast Keira Knightley as Anna, and made a very long and very epic trailer to advertise said movie. I can't lie to you- I hated Atonement and have a pretty distinct lack of fondness for Keira (besides her looks, duh), but based on the Moulin Rouge-esque trailer Joseph and I will for sure be hitting up the Violet Crown when this opens in November.

Oh! IMDB also tells me that Olivia Williams is in A.K.; after Rushmore I'll see anything she graces.

Schmancy trailer, whee!

So. Your thoughts?