Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Humor me...

You guys are probably so sick of the Bastrop house pictures, but it's so exciting for our family that I have to keep posting the updates. I promise you that when things slow down a little I will try to post more fun stuff, ok?

For now, though, here are a million pictures of the cabin!

One of the upstairs bedrooms.

Looking at the staircase from the corner of the living room.

Taken from the living room/bar area.

Master bath.

Living room from the staircase.

Upstairs bath.

Back o' house.

Front o' house. Next summer another deck will be built on for the pool to go in.

Also, since we lost so many trees, Mom and Dad decided a pond would be a good idea. I'm just excited about ducks coming to visit! So here's the meteor site/pond beginning:

You can't tell from the picture, but the whole thing is going to be about 250' x 250' or so.  More of a lake than a pond, really.

And there you have it!