Monday, December 3, 2012


Let's continue our cabin journey, oui?

Upstairs, we find my oldest brother, Steve, and his wife Tammy's room:

Then mine and Joseph's room, which still needs some bedside tables and such but I absolutely love. Mom let me pick out my own bedding, and this grey and lavender Restoration Hardware spoke to me. "Buy me!", it said. And we did.

In one corner is an amazing antique humidor and a beautiful antique rocker (courtesy of my friend Matt Donnelley, who needed it to go to a good home!).

Close-up of my third grade dress-up mug shot:

And in the other corner a vanity:

Then we venture into Ann Marie and Joel's room.

That has one of my favorite pieces, this perfect pink vintage chair that Mom and I found in Smithville.

More vanity action:

Well hello there, mama!

And we finish up in the bathroom!

mmmm. Bourbon in the bathroom.

There's a reading nook to come, but it wasn't picture-ready yet.

Et voila! We're having Christmas out there, and I absolutely can't wait!

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