Friday, November 30, 2012

Bastrop: Up Close and Personal with the Downstairs

I really can't express how excited I was to see the Bastrop house last night (I've been knocked for calling it a cabin, which is probably valid). It's so surreal that the new house is there, and it's difficult to explain why. Walking in, I still expected it to be the old house, and even though this one is new and improved, it's obviously still very, very bittersweet. It's easy to get over any conflicting feelings, though, because oh. my. god. The new house is SPECTACULAR. It's big and lovely and impressive and homey and everything it needs to be, and I can't wait to have Christmas out there with my parents and my siblings.

And because I took a million pictures last night, I'll give you the downstairs today and save the upstairs for Monday. Sound good? Good!

Living room from the entrance.

Living room and bar area/kitchen. Sorry it's so dark, but I just couldn't wait to show you all. And yes, that is Mom over there fixing us bourbons :) In most of the pictures we can actually play "find the bourbon Natalie sat down while photographing." It's fun!


Hot mama in the kitchen.

Second oven in the pantry! All of the ceilings are 10 foot (besides the taller ones in the living room and kitchen), so the pictures look far less impressive than the rooms do in real life. I know, duh, but I had to point it out.

Awkward shot of the master bedroom.

Bonus dog kennel.

Master bathroom with beautiful beveled subway tiles. Still waiting on the cabinet to be built around the fireplace.

Up close of bee-yoo-tee-ful crystal handles:

And awesome granite countertops + sink hardware:

Other downstairs bathroom:

Downstairs bedroom that was nearly impossible to get a picture of. It's cool, trust me:

Me on giant fur beanbag:

As this bedroom doesn't have a closet, Mama found a phenomenal armoire:

Aaaaaaaaaand the bunk beds for the kids' room haven't been built yet, so that room is still to come!

That's all I have for you today! Tomorrow morning I'll get some good pictures of the deck area all furnished; the ones I took at night are almost impossible to see. Hooray for Bastrop!

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