Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The search has ended!

Well, the search for the perfect couch, at least!

You may recall that I've been hankering for a new couch for some time. If you don't recall, here is a reminder. But we didn't really need a new couch, and the old one was perfectly fine and non-offensive, so it was hard to bite the bullet and get a new one. I had started scoping out viable options, though, and the other day Joseph decided the time was ripe for us to go for it. Namely because he is oh-so-very tall, and when he stretches out on our current sofa there isn't any room for me. Thus, my list of priorities was: tufted, velvet, beautiful, not-crazy-expensive, room for him to stretch out and me still be able to curl up in the corner with a book. And Joseph's list was: room for him to stretch out and me still be able to curl up in a corner with a book, comfortable, not-crazy-expensive.

Without further ado/boring details, da couch!

The bluish looking pillow is one I brought from home to make sure we got the right hue of grey to go with the walls; in real life it's grey (lighting craziness). The small dark grey sample you see is what our couch will be covered in (rather than the otter of the sample couch). Luscious luscious velvet!

And to prove the size to you:

It's amazing how big it looks in this picture; in real life it is definitely not a massive piece of furniture, and it won't overwhelm our space at all. It doesn't come in for 8-10 weeks, but then I'll prove it to you with pictures!

Cozy big beautiful couch: check.


  1. me = jealous. Our couch isn't even comfortable to me anymore.

    1. ah, then your search is just beginning!