Monday, August 20, 2012

Mirror, mirror!

I love the use of a big fabulous mirror in a space to open it up. If you can't add on square footage or windows, pop a mirror onto a wall and observe easy magic! So when Mom told me that she had yet another beautiful thing that she had no place for, and that this beautiful thing was the drop dead gorgeous mirror that used to hang above their master bedroom fireplace at the house in which I grew up, I eagerly accepted the gift! The simple fact of the mirror's awesomeness aside, I have a really vivid mental picture of the mirror in my parents' old bedroom. I lived in that house for 17 years, and being able to have pieces of it in mine and Joseph's new home means so much to me. Plus, my parents had it amongst big ornate mahogany furniture from the King Ranch, but it translates seamlessly into my more modern/eclectic aesthetic.


It's a nice dull gold, so it isn't crazy flashy.

I love it. It's fancy and whimsical, all at the same time.

It was an antique when Mom bought it originally (twenty? thirty? years ago), and I frankly think that that is just cool.
The colorful geometric painting got moved to the dining area; I'll show it to you soon!
Happy Monday! I'm going to go, ahem, reflect on some more coffee.

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