Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've been holding back on a couple of rooms in the condo since I don't have real before and afters, but what the heck; I'll show you where the kitchen stands as of now. It's still the less-than-ideal light green that used to be in the living room and hallway, and I plan to (eventually) paint the cabinets a bright white (they are eggshell now) and add cheery new knobs, but I still love the space. Especially compared to our teeny little kitchen in Hyde Park!

Teeny Hyde Park kitchen refresher:

Hi. I'm not very pleasant to cook in.

and...condo kitchen!

Looking in from the corner of the dining room:

You know you're getting older when a brand new French door refrigerator makes you all giddy. Excellent work, Yoseph, excellent work.

Black and white Jill Rosenwald rug from Zinc Door. People frequently think they have to buy rugs specifically made for kitchens and bathrooms, but whoever started that rumor is a silly, silly person. Just find a 2 x 3 you like and a rug pad and you're good to go (and much more stylish)!

So much space!

The washer and dryer have a nice big space behind the folding doors.

The back door is in front of the bikes; it's the entrance I always use. Eventually I'll discover a magical hiding place for the bicycles, but for now they don't really bother me there.

Close-up of jazzy washer/dryer closet knobs from good ole Anthropologie:

And our signed menu from Wink from our first anniversary :)

In a magical world full of free money, I wouldn't hesitate to do an awesome wallpaper (or go back to Wink once a week. While we're at it, I'd probably need the Narcisco Rodriguez ostrich boots I posted about on Friday. I'm just. sayin'.). Anyhow, let's daydream for a minute about paper goods, is where I'm going with this:

Cole and Son

Also Cole and Son

Graham and Brown

In reality, I'll paint the walls a fresh pear, kind of like so:


We all know I wanted all-white, but the space lends itself much better to a color, so I'll have to save my all-white kitchen for another time. Plus I'm feeling daunted by the task of painting the cabinets, and with pear walls I can get away with just switching out the cabinet knobs for now.