Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Blank ones.

Namely, the blank one in our master bedroom. It's driving me crazy!

I don't have a great photo of it (on purpose), but it's the wall with the black sconce:

Same wall that the dresser is up against:

I'm not married to the lamp, and the tall silver candle holder is now in the guest bathroom.

It is so empty! And it's such a big wall. I considered moving the furniture around, but the bed just looks so good in between the curtains that I've decided not to. I seriously do not know what to do with this wall, so I've been gathering inspiration.

Idea #1: sprinkle some mounted shelves around. Similar to this:

Idea #2: giant art. Probably my favorite idea, so I just need to start hunting for amazing big pieces that I can afford.

Inspiration (both of the rooms pictured):

Idea #3: Molding on the walls. Although I'm not sure I could make it work since I don't really have anything to frame on that area. But I like the thought.


Idea #4, also a fave: make a gallery wall. I love this look (when it's done well), but it's a heck of a process. Gathering pieces, framing, etc.


I also want a baby in a tutu. I mean, not yet. But within the next five years or so.

Idea #5: this circles back to Idea #2 (giant art), but it involves doing something with marquee letters:

claro que Etsy

I've always wanted them, and I bet I could find some that have a look that would go well with the rest of the bedroom. Do you all have any brilliant inspiration for me? Have you had to tackle a giant wall with limited resources? Should I just paint a mural of Joseph and me with our friends like Luna Lovegood did with her big blank walls? Help would be quite appreciated.

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