Thursday, August 16, 2012


I spent last night in Bastrop with my mom in the motorhome, but we took a nice little tour of the new house while out there (it is 10 feet away from the trailer, after all). I can't even tell you how excited I am for this new cabin. It's big and beautiful and is going to be the perfect family getaway (or just weekend getaway for Joseph and me! mwahaha).

We are crossing our fingers that it will be ready a year from when it burned down (Labor Day), but it may be a little ambitious to hope for that. At any rate, I took some pictures, so:

Living room:

Mom's closet:

Master bathroom w/ corner fireplace!:

Pardon my bourbon.

Downstairs hallway:

Reading nook at the top of the stairs:

A glimpse at one of the upstairs bedrooms (I wanted to get a shot of the beautiful lines of the room, but with the iPad it's impossible, and I stupidly forgot my camera):

And a view of the bar area that leads into the kitchen, taken from the top of the stairs: