Thursday, August 30, 2012

Adventures in Etsy-land

Promptly after posting yesterday, I decided to entertain myself on Etsy looking for art for the big ole wall.

Oh my gosh. There is so much hilarity to be found on EVERY SINGLE PAGE! I had to share some of the ridiculous that had me giggling and/or in shock/awe at my desk.

You have, of course, the "art with faux inspirational words on it" category EVERYWHERE on Etsy. I may have bought that Star Wars poster (reminder) for the guest bath that yes, is technically art with words on it, but I'm talking about this kind of thing:


You know, "Live Laugh Love" kind of schtuff. Joseph says, "why do I want my art to tell me what to do?" and I quite agree. Hush, art. Inspire me, don't yell at me.

Then I stumbled upon the brilliantly named "Legs...Small". Behold!


Let me explain it to you. They are legs, and the picture is small, so that's where the title comes from. Happy to help.

You have a plethora of "Still Life with This Thing"s:


And many, many more fun genres that I'll let you explore on your own.

I didn't come here just to be an art snob, however. There are definitely things on the site that I fell in love with, even if I don't have places for them.

For instance, random adorable creature in peephole!

buy him!

I LOVE HIM. He is so whimsical and cute!

Also, redonkeylous print:


What? I have no idea. But it cracks me up and I think maybe I need him for my desk. Those are acceptable words on art.

I also legitimately love this:


I think it's beautiful, and I totally want to commission the artist to make me a large version of it. How gorgeous would that be in an ornate gold frame? No, it's not groundbreaking, but sometimes pretty is enough. Plus I love the idea of a painting of a nude in the bedroom, but I can't exactly google that at work. Stay tuned on that front (and rear. giggle. I'm probably not mature enough for this.).

I think this maybe began as a cool thought, but it veered off quickly into cliché land. Just because it's big doesn't mean it's cool. Love me some impasto, though.

In case it does it for you.

And these would be pretty neat all framed in schmancy frames and interspersed with little mirrors or something for a gallery wall idea:


I really did buy this next piece, which I'm now obsessed with. Hopefully Joseph loves it as much as I do.

Not Etsy

They only had a smallish one, about 17" x 24", but I think he'll be great perched above the dresser. I shall name him, and we shall be the best of fowl friends.

And then, like manna from heaven, I found it! The perfect piece to pull the room together!

here. seriously.

Joseph, what do you think? Should Cuba come live with us?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Blank ones.

Namely, the blank one in our master bedroom. It's driving me crazy!

I don't have a great photo of it (on purpose), but it's the wall with the black sconce:

Same wall that the dresser is up against:

I'm not married to the lamp, and the tall silver candle holder is now in the guest bathroom.

It is so empty! And it's such a big wall. I considered moving the furniture around, but the bed just looks so good in between the curtains that I've decided not to. I seriously do not know what to do with this wall, so I've been gathering inspiration.

Idea #1: sprinkle some mounted shelves around. Similar to this:

Idea #2: giant art. Probably my favorite idea, so I just need to start hunting for amazing big pieces that I can afford.

Inspiration (both of the rooms pictured):

Idea #3: Molding on the walls. Although I'm not sure I could make it work since I don't really have anything to frame on that area. But I like the thought.


Idea #4, also a fave: make a gallery wall. I love this look (when it's done well), but it's a heck of a process. Gathering pieces, framing, etc.


I also want a baby in a tutu. I mean, not yet. But within the next five years or so.

Idea #5: this circles back to Idea #2 (giant art), but it involves doing something with marquee letters:

claro que Etsy

I've always wanted them, and I bet I could find some that have a look that would go well with the rest of the bedroom. Do you all have any brilliant inspiration for me? Have you had to tackle a giant wall with limited resources? Should I just paint a mural of Joseph and me with our friends like Luna Lovegood did with her big blank walls? Help would be quite appreciated.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Beam me up!

Or, rather, look up and see awesome beams! When you're in Bastrop, that is.

They aren't stained yet, but they are so pretty I had to share.

As the new house isn't ready yet, my parents and I have to resort to heroic measures to keep the grandkids entertained while we are all out in Bastrop. There's only so much you can do in a motorhome or outside when it's 100°, so this past weekend we went to a roller rink for 3 hours.
Yes, roller rinks still exist!


More proof: my knees yesterday and today. Holy bajeezus!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mirror, mirror!

I love the use of a big fabulous mirror in a space to open it up. If you can't add on square footage or windows, pop a mirror onto a wall and observe easy magic! So when Mom told me that she had yet another beautiful thing that she had no place for, and that this beautiful thing was the drop dead gorgeous mirror that used to hang above their master bedroom fireplace at the house in which I grew up, I eagerly accepted the gift! The simple fact of the mirror's awesomeness aside, I have a really vivid mental picture of the mirror in my parents' old bedroom. I lived in that house for 17 years, and being able to have pieces of it in mine and Joseph's new home means so much to me. Plus, my parents had it amongst big ornate mahogany furniture from the King Ranch, but it translates seamlessly into my more modern/eclectic aesthetic.


It's a nice dull gold, so it isn't crazy flashy.

I love it. It's fancy and whimsical, all at the same time.

It was an antique when Mom bought it originally (twenty? thirty? years ago), and I frankly think that that is just cool.
The colorful geometric painting got moved to the dining area; I'll show it to you soon!
Happy Monday! I'm going to go, ahem, reflect on some more coffee.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hallway bathroom; now with more BETTER!

Random Friday evening post because I was too excited not to share! The Star Wars poster I ordered for the guest bathroom came in, and up it went today:

It kind of looks crooked in the picture, but it's not in real life.

Joseph loves Star Wars, and I love pretty witty things, so I think it's the perfect addition to our guest bath. Adds a nice little punch.

I was too cheap and impatient to do a custom silver frame, but maybe later when the white starts bugging me.

Also: 15 days until Joseph is home! Time seems to have slowed down in anticipation of his return, but such is life, no?

Have a glorious weekend, all! If you need a boost, maybe try a Jedi Mind Trick?

Then come pee in my sweet bathroom!

I just thought you should know....

That this pump exists:

Tory Burch

And that I am a size 7.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I spent last night in Bastrop with my mom in the motorhome, but we took a nice little tour of the new house while out there (it is 10 feet away from the trailer, after all). I can't even tell you how excited I am for this new cabin. It's big and beautiful and is going to be the perfect family getaway (or just weekend getaway for Joseph and me! mwahaha).

We are crossing our fingers that it will be ready a year from when it burned down (Labor Day), but it may be a little ambitious to hope for that. At any rate, I took some pictures, so:

Living room:

Mom's closet:

Master bathroom w/ corner fireplace!:

Pardon my bourbon.

Downstairs hallway:

Reading nook at the top of the stairs:

A glimpse at one of the upstairs bedrooms (I wanted to get a shot of the beautiful lines of the room, but with the iPad it's impossible, and I stupidly forgot my camera):

And a view of the bar area that leads into the kitchen, taken from the top of the stairs:


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Important things!

Guest blog post from my ridiculously amazing friend Kim:

Journal To Save Your Life is my newest cause and the one I believe in the most. In short, it’s art therapy for youth, something I really could have used. I was raised in a strict evangelical christian home, and I never quite fit. I was pegged the high school slut before I ever had sex. I would accidentally ask all the wrong questions. I tried harder to fit in. I went on mission trips. I sang the songs. I prayed the prayers.
I even became a youth summer intern at a local Baptist church. I found a middle-aged woman to be
a spiritual mentor at that church. She had a son who thought I was pretty. I put up with both of them
because I wanted to seem spiritually deep. One night, he wooed me out by saying his mom would hang
out with us for a little bit. I had to maintain my oh-so-deep reputation, so I obliged. His mom made an
appearance, but it did not take long for me to figure out I was coerced into a weird date-like scenario.
After his mom left, he drugged and raped me. That was the first time I had sex. Then I really didn’t fit
into my evangelical world. It all seemed paper-thin fake. I did not know what was real.

It was not until college that I learned my creativity was one of the only things that is definitely mine and
real. I played violin in the university orchestra. I was also known to lock myself in bathroom stalls and
free-write poetry and prose. Sure, it got a little emo in college, but eventually my own awkward version
of art therapy opened me up to finding a sense of self, the ability to love, and connection again. If only I
found art as an outlet in my younger years, maybe I would not have tried so hard to fit into a world that
clearly was not mine, to the point that eventually, it burned me. Maybe I would have been content to
be the misfit who pursued my art because at least I knew that was real. I firmly believe art shapes one’s
identity, confidence, and happiness. As an adult, I currently take sewing, belly dancing, and hula hooping classes with this belief in mind. Also, I am firmly supporting Journal to Save Your Life (J2SYL) with the hope of instilling the salvation of art into younger minds.

J2SYL Team is currently in conversation with AISD's office of Innovation and Development and
Department of Research and Evaluation about disseminating their year long pilot program throughout
Travis County with the help of their school counselors. Each counselor will reward 10-15 of their most
at-risk girls a spot in J2SYL. This first group is exceptional for J2SYL in that these girls will literally shape the final program. These girls will be leaders, empowered young women exploring what it means to have sound mental health for themselves and their peers. J2SYL is 12 months long and is made up of
52 weekly, therapeutic installments. These weekly installments include social skills training, cognitive
behavioral therapy, and art therapy based on an invitation to EXPRESS and Create in response to video, audio, written, photography, dance, spoken word, and news items that spark independent reflection and empowerment.

Something y’all should know about Jasper Faolan, the founder of Journal to Save Your Life, she’s a
mover and a shaker. She is not yet thirty, and already she wrote a novel that moved me to tears in the
first few pages, took on two jobs simultaneously in the mental health arena and never once lost a shred
of her COMPASSION (after all, it is a tattoo emblazoned on her arm), and then launched this campaign
to fund her dream nonprofit. She is a renaissance lady, with an eye for successful ventures. The
phenomenal part about this nonprofit is she motivated a team of about twenty of her closest friends
(including yours truly) to voluntarily make her dream a reality. It’s been less than a year, and we’re real
already! We have our 501(c)3 status pending, bylaws written, and everything. It’s so exciting to see such a resource for shaping lives become a reality!

Friday, August 10, 2012

More-ange. M'orange?

Anyhow: more orange!

My backordered throw pillow finally came in for the guest room, and I don't know how we lived without it (we being me and the guest room):

I may or may not have been studying on the bed earlier and forgotten to straighten the covers pre-photo. 

Et voila!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


My wonderful sister just sent me this, and I have to share.

I can't stop laughing, and I've now watched it three times.

Everyone thank Ann Marie for saving the day!

Hilarity here

That is all!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I have Olympic-sized love...

for my new side table.

Yes, speaker as a table, you have been usurped.


I love the retro vibe.

Full view.

Up close and personal. Crate and Barrel, you done good. Mid-century and I are becoming very close friends these days...

Monday, August 6, 2012

All I want for Christmas...

is a new couch.

And this lamp.


I have fallen in love.

With a gilt ibis.

Don't judge us! It's meant to be!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Guest bath, afterafter pics.

Ah, it has been found: a most excellent rug for the cheerful guest bathroom!

I had a boring little white rug, like so:

Totally fine, but nothing special. Now it is like so:

Blurry closeup of minty glass cabinet knobs:

Shockingly enough, Anthro

And a better look at my new favorite rug:

You guessed it.

Ah, the joy of sprucing! I'm waiting on a print of this to come in, which I'm going to frame and put above the towel rack for a little extra oomph:

Bathroom win!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've been holding back on a couple of rooms in the condo since I don't have real before and afters, but what the heck; I'll show you where the kitchen stands as of now. It's still the less-than-ideal light green that used to be in the living room and hallway, and I plan to (eventually) paint the cabinets a bright white (they are eggshell now) and add cheery new knobs, but I still love the space. Especially compared to our teeny little kitchen in Hyde Park!

Teeny Hyde Park kitchen refresher:

Hi. I'm not very pleasant to cook in.

and...condo kitchen!

Looking in from the corner of the dining room:

You know you're getting older when a brand new French door refrigerator makes you all giddy. Excellent work, Yoseph, excellent work.

Black and white Jill Rosenwald rug from Zinc Door. People frequently think they have to buy rugs specifically made for kitchens and bathrooms, but whoever started that rumor is a silly, silly person. Just find a 2 x 3 you like and a rug pad and you're good to go (and much more stylish)!

So much space!

The washer and dryer have a nice big space behind the folding doors.

The back door is in front of the bikes; it's the entrance I always use. Eventually I'll discover a magical hiding place for the bicycles, but for now they don't really bother me there.

Close-up of jazzy washer/dryer closet knobs from good ole Anthropologie:

And our signed menu from Wink from our first anniversary :)

In a magical world full of free money, I wouldn't hesitate to do an awesome wallpaper (or go back to Wink once a week. While we're at it, I'd probably need the Narcisco Rodriguez ostrich boots I posted about on Friday. I'm just. sayin'.). Anyhow, let's daydream for a minute about paper goods, is where I'm going with this:

Cole and Son

Also Cole and Son

Graham and Brown

In reality, I'll paint the walls a fresh pear, kind of like so:


We all know I wanted all-white, but the space lends itself much better to a color, so I'll have to save my all-white kitchen for another time. Plus I'm feeling daunted by the task of painting the cabinets, and with pear walls I can get away with just switching out the cabinet knobs for now.