Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick Bastrop aside...and some random.

As the condo comes together, so too does the Bastrop cabin! Note the grass sprouts around the pond (or, rather, the veritable lake):

It's like a half an acre of soon-to-be awesome. There's serious talk of a floating deck. And maybe a blob.

And the insulation in the living room!

Next step: drywall!

Speaking of living rooms... 
For a little more pretty, since today's post is pretty short otherwise, let's take a detour just because and examine this Charleston living room that has my heart all aflutter:

Southern Living

I mean, seriously. My goal for my living/dining area is to look like I live in a wonderful upscale flea market, and this has that same eclectic, laid-back but fancy look that I want. My anatomy professor loves to put up a slide and say things like "become one with the glioma". So go ahead, become one with that room. It's way cooler than a brain tumor, after all.

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