Thursday, July 5, 2012

On the hunt!

*I would just like to preface this post by mentioning that I'm on very little sleep and exhausted from a week of moving/painting/packing/unpacking.*

Anyhow, who knew it was so difficult to find a beautiful gold floor lamp on a budget? Not this bird! "What this living room really needs is a snazzy new reading lamp", methinks to meself, "thus: to the Google!" It turns out you will find a plethora of these type of things:

I swear, that lamp is on EVERY lamp website.

as well as these type of things:

No links for either of these lamps because I don't want you to have to see them ever again.

Why?? Why do these terrible lamps keep infiltrating my searches? When you procrastinate studying  look hard enough, you find the real treasure, but then you undoubtedly find said treasure is more than thrice what you were hoping to spend....

Bam. $636.

Bam. $812.

and my favorite, upon which Joseph and I would most certainly impale ourselves, comes in at a cool $837.50:


Now, never fear (I know you were very concerned): there actually IS a happy ending to this story! As I was becoming quite dejected and thinking it was time to start raiding every vintage store in sight (quite a few near our new condo, luckily!), my mom texts me that she has found two gorgeous crystal lamps that she bought eons ago and that she will gift to me. If you don't know or can't guess, I'm obsessed with crystal anything. Again, though, crystal lamps > my allowed budget. However, Navar garage to the rescue! Instead of a floor lamp, then, I'll be finding 2 inexpensive little end tables for either side of the couch on which to perch aforementioned crystal lamps. Glam win. Also, I have a thing for matching end tables with matching lamps. I don't know; it makes me feel put together to have symmetry in some aspect of my life, and my chest sure as heck isn't helping there.

So, am I still lusting after a gold floor lamp? Certainly! Could I find a lovely little corner for one of the above 3? Again, most certainly. But in the meantime, I'll keep spending money on lame things like spinach and chicken and electricity bills, and I'll end with this, in honor of Mama Navar:

Oh someecards, you really know how to express the inexpressible.

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