Friday, July 27, 2012

Ode to the mid-calf boot.

It's not that there aren't a thousand more things that I'd love to get for the house, but with Fall fashion popping up everywhere, I'd like to direct your attention from interior design and over to shoes for a hot minute. I mean, I can't completely ignore my love of pretty thing I can put on my own body, can I? So when this article featuring two of my favorite style bloggers popped up in my inbox this morning, my quest for the perfect mid-calf boot resurfaced from the depths.

I mean, just look at Jane Aldridge here:

I can't even deal with how perfect that all is. The boot is significantly out of my price range, but I'm confident I can find a suitable alternative for under a bajillion dollars. I pretty much have the rest of the outfit in my closet already (not the same brands, obviously, and it certainly doesn't look like that on me, but you see what I mean).

Thus, lust item (warning: you'll never again look at boots the same way):


I want him. But I cannot have him.

There aren't many potential replacements yet; more affordable places haven't released their Fall/Winter lines quite yet, but surely it doesn't hurt to ogle the designer boots that places like Nine West, Charles David, and Via Spiga will be copying (hopefully!) in about a month...

To wit:


Slightly more ankle Brian Atwood:

When $600 starts looking reasonable, just. back. away.

Loubie Loube (as the kids say):

The kids don't really say that.

Gawgeous Giuseppe:


Another perfect Narcisco:

Here it is.

And I think we'll round dreamland up with a wedge:


And there you have it! It'll be fun to see how for-us-real-people designers translate the style this Fall. Fingers crossed!

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