Thursday, July 19, 2012

Master bedroom (extraordinaire)

Ah, back to the condo! Today we venture into mine and Joseph's master bedroom. Interestingly (well, to me anyhow), we had first planned on using this room as the guest room/study and the other bedroom as our master. We preferred the greater privacy of the back room, as this room's one window looks out onto the balcony shared by other condos. But after we had already painted the two rooms, Joseph pointed out how nice it would be to have the bigger room as our bedroom, especially as it has an attached bathroom. So our dreams of having a blue bedroom went farewell (although Joseph seriously offered to repaint both rooms if I wanted), and we rearranged the bedroom plans.

Now I am thrilled that we made that choice. The minty light blue-ish green walls make me so happy, and I love getting to have a real-sized room for our master. It's not like we open the blinds when we're doing things the neighbors shouldn't be privy to, which means it really doesn't matter where that window faces.

The room isn't completely finished, but you can see what I have going on thus far.

*Update*- before shots:

The middle sample is the one we went with.

And now!

New curtain finials to come.

I didn't think I'd have a place for the lovely teal velvet curtains, but Mom suggested we see how they looked in here, and voila! Perfection.

Cozy but fresh.

Funky but classic.

Loving the oval mirror. It didn't photograph well, sadly, but it has a nice beveled edge. The closet is behind that pocket door.

The wall opposite the one with the mirror is currently a huge expanse of blank (save the black sconce); I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with it. Luckily our dresser breaks up the space a bit:

Corner with random accessories that may or may not stay. The peacock feather wreath is ridiculous and I love it. The bathroom  is directly to the left of it.

The dresser is from Ikea, but I jazzed it up with some vintage faceted glass knobs. They change the look of it so that it blends more seamlessly into the rest of the room's decor and doesn't look as "I'm from a big box store!"

Such a quick, easy update!

And there you have it! I will eventually have the big blank wall more accessorized, and I'm on the hunt for a fantastic tufted bench for the end of the bed, but still: this room makes my heart all aflutter. I've been staying up much too late propped up on a bunch of pillows reading and just being content to be in the space, which to me means it's been done right.

You like? If not, maybe just don't say anything.


  1. Love it.
    Pretty soon, I'm gonna have a house that needs decorating. And the bff and I are both terrible at making grand color choices, so don't be surprised if you are sent pictures and asked for opinions.

  2. I copied your purchase of this and I just might copy your knobs, too!! :o