Monday, July 23, 2012

Livin' the dream.

And Livin': The Room!

I think I may be having a little too much fun turning this condo into the Casa Nattingly. Decorating is incredibly addicting, as you all probably well know, and when you spend as much time at home as Joseph and I do, it really is imperative that your surroundings make you comfortable and happy. Decorating is so much more than just hunting for the perfect pieces; I grew up with a mom who always had our house gorgeously decorated but home-y, so to me building a pretty environment means making something to which I can connect. Sure it's nice to have beautiful things, but my main goal is always creating something that can envelop its inhabitants and be an extension of them. Since Joseph and I own this place, I very much want it to be our own personal little haven.

Ok, cheesiness over. Yoseph and I definitely spend the most time in our living room; we watch a ton of movies, Joseph plays video games, and I am frequently curled up in a corner with a book. Thus, this business just had to go (warning, green reminder):




And now!

Looking from the dining room:

The TV is on the cabinet at the bottom right of this picture.

Joseph's parents are getting him (slash us) a new recliner; I'll have it covered in a dark grey material.

From the hall:

The spool end table (Crate and Barrel) is my newest gem.

I'm on the hunt for a glossy black lacquer frame to put around Jacques (the rhino). For now his holiday wreath will have to suffice.

From another corner:

I'm also jonesing for a new couch (light grey). Maybe this holiday season! The coffee table is an antique chest I found on Westheimer when I was at Rice. Bonus: storage.

Remember our crystal lamp conversation? The beauties you see are almost 30 years old; my mom very generously gifted them to me after hearing how much I wanted some. I am now obsessed with them.

From the front door:

TV to the right of the fireplace.

And a chair corner detail. My other new end table won't be here until September (darn you, Crate and Barrel!), so I used this very classy speaker to hold up the lamp:

Right? Pure class. I wanted to wait until the table came in to show you the room, but I was impatient. Know that it will be awesome; I'll show you when it's here.

Mantel detail:

More crystal! Candlesticks also a vintage gift from Mom.

And Aerial's area of perchitude, complete with my favorite piece of furniture, the Polka Dot Table:

Living room is behind you as you face this. On the right is the hallway and the left is the dining area.

Phew! Inundation complete. Tomorrow I'll show you what I did all weekend (hint: you probably saw a preview of it on facebook).

Thanks for sticking around and letting me give you the tour of the place! I hope you aren't bored 
quite yet...


  1. You mentioned movies but you did not mention the TV. I'm confused. Where did you hide that?

    1. the TV is to the right of the fireplace! you can just glimpse it in the photo taken from the front door.