Friday, July 20, 2012

Holy Batman, Batman.

First, a moment of e-silence for the Aurora victims. I still can't believe someone would have such a lack of respect for human life, and I'm saddened and nauseated by what happened.

On a much lighter note, I feel the need to share my thoughts on the movie. Why? Who knows! Maybe because I only slept 4 hours last night, since I was at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises with some glorious Serious campers from 10 p.m.-3:30 a.m. The movie was definitely fun and entertaining, but overall I was completely underwhelmed. Nolan has done such a great job with the other Batmans (Batmen?) that I had my hopes way up for this installment, but walked away feeling like it was merely ok. I am in no way a movie critic, and you are more than welcome to think I'm nutso for typing all of this out, but that's all right!

The movie starts out with your classic Mission Impossible -type scene: dudes grappling with each other in a failing airplane; I wanted to be into it, but all I could think was "Oh god, I can't understand half of what Bane says and he's a main character." I was right to be concerned; because of his mask you a) can hardly understand some of Bane's speech, b) feel absolutely no connection with the character since all you can see are his eyes, and Tom Hardy apparently forgot how to act with those, and c) heavily judge the obvious 'violent dog in a muzzle' metaphor. The character of Bane is just flat-out not interesting. Maybe I just don't get comic book characters, but he's predictable to the point of silliness. You should at least partly sympathize with a villain in order to feel something while you watch a goodguybadguy movie, and the movie's attempt to do that doesn't happen until the climax of the movie, by which point it's too late and you just don't care.

A few other qualms: 1) Blatant product placement during the stock exchange scene. "Ooo, a laptop with a flippy tablet screen! Let's really show it to the audience. Twice." 2) Zero chemistry between Bruce Wayne and Marion Cotillard's character (can you tell how engaging she was that I can't remember her name?). How can you NOT have chemistry with that gorgeous woman? 3) On a similar note, no sex scene. Just a smooch and then the postcoital laying by the fire bit. 4) Melodrama. Oh so much melodrama, especially in the first 1/4 of the movie. Use pauses sparingly or they lose all power- Theatre 101.

And to tie up the package: you know how the last Lord of the Rings has about 7 endings and you're never quite sure when it's over? Mmm hmm. Similar thing goes on here.

Now listen: I didn't not like the movie. Like I said, it's fun! It's visually lighter than the previous ones (and thus easier to watch), and is chock full of eye candy (oh holy Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Batman). Also, Anne Hathaway is surprisingly adorable as Catwoman! Vulnerable but ass-kicking, and drop-dead gorgeous. Like Bane, she's completely predictable, but it almost works. Michael Caine could say he's a Republican and I'd probably still love him, I want Morgan Freeman to be my cool uncle, and Christian Bale was almost more than one note (I mean that as a compliment).

So: if your goal is to see a comic book-y movie, I highly recommend The Dark Knight Rises. But if you're looking for an intriguing Christopher Nolan movie, stick with The Prestige.

Happy weekend, chirplettes!

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