Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bathroom for improvement

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea this weekend. "Aha!" I said to myself, "I shall paint the guest bathroom today!" Forget that Joseph is gone, that our stepladder still renders me too short to properly reach the ceiling, and that I needed to cram about 20 pages of the cardiovascular system into my brain. I was determined (and procrastinating).

This bathroom was the most ghastly shade of brown. I feel kind of weird using the word "ghastly", but I can't think of a strong enough word, so I'm leaving it. And it doesn't even hide away; it is right off the hallway across from the guest bedroom, so unless the door was closed its heinous poopoo brown assaulted your field of vision. I figured since the room was small that it'd be a cinch. I won't go into details, but a cinch it was not. On Saturday night I almost left it half-done to wait until Joseph came back, but Sunday morning I drank too much coffee and decided to just finish it already.

So it may have been a horrible undertaking that took me at least 5 times longer than it would've taken painters (or Joseph, probably), but luckily the end result makes it all worth it (well, almost. It really did suck doing it).


Who picks out this color??


It isn't exactly done now; the ceiling needs some touchups where I couldn't reach, parts of it may need yet another coat, and I'd like to get some fun matching accessories- a trash can and soap dispenser, silly things like that, and maybe put up a piece of art or two, but still :)

I couldn't quite capture the yellow, either. It is brighter than this first picture but not nearly as bright as the second. Just a cheery, sunny yellow! Plus the bathrooms both have skylights, so in the daytime it reflects the light beautifully.

I'd also like (surprise) some new cabinet knobs. Anthropologie, here I come.

It makes me so happy!

Again, not quite this bright.

But definitely brighter than this.

The mirror came with the house; I painted it with some Martha Stewart metallic silver paint to brighten it up.


Brown e'erywhere.


Accidental self-portrait.

Something that especially drove me crazy while painting was that I could see that under the brown was a lovely seafoam green! I just...I just don't understand why that got banished in favor of burnt caramel. At any rate, I love the bathroom now, and the yellow is a fun bright pop near all of the cool greys and blues in the rest of the house.

And as much as I hated the initial colors of the condo, I have to say that it is really satisfying to see such drastic changes come from something as (seemingly) simple as painting. If we had just moved our stuff in it wouldn't have felt as personal, but revamping it to exactly what we want makes for great before and afters. Plus a little manual labor seems good for the soul (and the biceps).

Once more, for good measure (and because PowerPoint is fun):
Ah, much better. Also...how much do you think it would cost to have painters come do my master bath? It isn't much bigger than this room...

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