Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another all over the place. Bonus: orange!

As I predicted: drywall! It's really amazing how quickly this house is coming together; every time I'm out in Bastrop it's more and more real (and more and more amazing).

Here's a shot of part of the master bedroom:

One of the upstairs bedrooms (this will be my sister Ann Marie's).

And my mom being adorable looking into the living room from the porch:

Who knew you could get such a cute dress at Talbots? I may steal it.

Speaking of orange (and to copy yesterday's tangent into the random), I'm very much into orange at the moment. I was never a big fan until finding that perfect desk chair, but now I can't help loving it- it's so lively and juicy! The more beautiful pieces I find in the fruity hue the more I gravitate toward it. If I weren't spending all my money on throw pillows and the like, I would most certainly own these boots:

DVF at shopbop

But my priorities, they have le shifted. Retro boots, your time will come again. In the meantime, I really need a tufted bench for the end of our bed...
You'll see what I mean tomorrow when I post pics of our master bedroom!

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