Friday, July 6, 2012

50 Shades of Gray

'Oh, suuuuure', you may be saying to yourselves. 'She says they bought a condo, but where's the proof?' Well my loves, if the couple of pics from Monday weren't enough, be prepared for TOTAL CONDO PHOTO INUNDATION. Here we go.

To begin: sleeping quarters. For how much natural light is available, the bedrooms were slightly dark and very blah. The walls were a strange peachy-taupey that looked like they'd been that way for years and years. The master bedroom is actually much larger than it looks here, but the bad wall color made it feel smaller and more claustrophobic.

I decided to go for a slightly retro feel and do a refreshing, light minty green.


And a terrible after shot. I couldn't get the lighting right at all in here; you'll get a better view of it when I take pictures of it with the furniture.

And the guest:


The blue is just gorgeous! It reflects the natural light and makes this room such a cheery space, which is perfect since it is going to be a combo guest bedroom/study. I'm going to memorize SO MUCH ANATOMY right there.

And finally, the living/dining area. I don't know what the previous owner was thinking, but these accent walls were vivid greenish teal. You walked in the condo and it basically screamed at you to pay attention to it.


Joseph said that I didn't just hate the green, but that I was downright offended by it, like the walls were telling racist jokes. And he's right, I must say. It seems hyperbolic, but you didn't see it in real life, so you have to trust me here. Shiz was fugly.


The rest of the walls were a dingy greenish taupe. Not horrendous, but old-looking and depressing. Here you can see the beginnings of my gray sampling.


I knew I wanted the space to feel open and chic, and I had my heart set on a light gray. Holy guacamole, you all, there are SO MANY GRAYS in the world. Yellow gray? Check. Green gray? Check. Blue gray. Purple gray. Khaki gray. White gray. Pink gray.

By the end I had bought 12 gray paint samples. See?

I legitimately teared up at one point. "I'll never find it! These walls will be green forever!" But then, like a heavenly gift, a man at Home Depot suggested we change out the light bulbs for nice "daylight" ones,  and voila! I had three good gray choices to choose from. Of course this was the one weekend recently that my mom hasn't been in town, so I called her and berated her for not being around to help me know which was the perfect one. In the end, though, I went with my gut, and the color is exactly what I wanted. Modern but warm, cool but cozy, chic and a little chameleonic.

Cue choirs of angels. And ignore the hideous pendant that is going away soon.

The new color really showcases what a nice space it is. The natural light is emphasized, and the pretty, wide plank laminate floors get a say in the overall aesthetic, too.

It's not quite as blue or as dark as this photo looks.

I usually like a hint of gloss for walls, but as these are slightly textured and we didn't have time to scrape them, I went with a flat enamel to minimize that.

So pretty. I couldn't stop staring and sighing happily.

I don't have any bathroom or kitchen shots for you yet as I haven't painted them, but that'll happen over the next few weeks. I hope you've enjoyed the little glimpse into our new oasis!

All paints: Behr Premium Plus Ultra, No VOC, low odor, paint and primer in one
Master bedroom: Home Decorators Collection Bayberry Frost
Guest: Behr's color "match" (wasn't exact, but I did that on purpose) of Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue
Living: Silver Marlin

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