Friday, May 18, 2012

Windows and beams and lumber, oh my!

It's really coming together! We are going to have a REAL LIFE NEW HOUSE in Bastrop within a few months! Don't believe me? The proof is in the pudding, my dear birdies (in related news: mmm. pudding.):

Side of house. Downstairs you're looking into at master bedroom and master bath. Upstairs are more bedrooms.

Living room and deckage.


On the deck, looking at the outside of the living room.
Windows on the inside side of the living room by the kitchen. Under them will be a bar with cabinets all along it.

And I saved my favorite picture for last. This is in the living room facing what will be the fireplace, looking out onto the deck. 

There are so many amazing nights spent on the couch with the fire going, all of us watching a movie or just chatting (martini in hand, of course), and I miss that so much. Trees are still dying by the day, but we're doing what we can to minimize those losses and focus on the awesome that will be our new home out there. Thanks for staying along for the ride! Have a glorious weekend!

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