Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some more Met-allics

I couldn't quite let the sleeping awards show dog lie without rounding off the Met coverage with a few more of my favorite looks from the night.

I feel a little weird admitting this, as she's a CW teeny-bopper star, but I have serious love for Nina Dobrev. She's astoundingly beautiful in a way that shouldn't even be legal, and thus designers love dressing her despite her not being an A-lister (yet).

She wore Donna Karan Atelier on Monday's red carpet,

See what I mean? 


And some ogling of her boyfriend seems in order, too, methinks:

Excellent shoes, too, Nina!

Nom. I'll take 2. Of each.

Moving on before I embarrass myself further, let's take a gander at Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabbana:

I guess she just went surfing, which is why her hair looks so terrible? And maybe the salt water turned her lipstick into an unfortunate shade of coral? Still, though, I fancy the dress. It's sexy without being slutty, sparkly while being sparkly, and ridiculously figure flattering. Good work, team D&G! 

And the last lady I'd like to lust over: Rihanna in Tom Ford.

That is perfection on her. It's over the top and sleek all at the same time, and while I generally hate animal print-type-things, I actually find the reptilian really funkily wonderful. What a weird sentence that is that I just typed, huh? It seems that all of the gorgeous has messed with my neurotransmitters, so off I go to find some lunch!

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  1. Nina Dobrev is wonderful, and has some serious chops. I expect her to blow up in a major way once she moves past the CW phase of her career.