Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A respite from my respite, or: The Met Ball 2012

Here's the thing: I miss blogging. Truly, truly I do. I pretty much completely underestimated how intense it would be to work full-time and be in school (and have to make A's for my own pride/sanity), so that's why you hear very little from me nowadays.

But I couldn't just let the Met Ball go by without throwing some gorgeous images at you, so for today, be prepared to be bombarded with insanely beautiful women in stupidly expensive gowns. Think of it as gym-spiration! Or grab a pint of ice cream and dig in while we ogle; I don't judge either way.

My favorites, in no particular order:

January Jones, in her usual Versace.

I absolutely love this color, the art deco lines, and the necklace. Her bob and neutral makeup finish it off perfectly (although I do wish the bodice were just slightly higher).

Next up: Lea Michele in Diane von Furstenberg. I know none of you is surprised that I love this and would wear it in a heartbeat:

Navy sparkles AND a deep neckline! The hair is a little matronly for her, but who's looking at her head anyways?

More deep V and sparkly brought to us by Ralph Lauren collection, as seen on Camilla Belle:

I know she was going for 20s vampy with the lipstick, but...no on that front. the dress, the hair, and the rest of the makeup, however, I fully support. It's like, sexy rich mermaid ties the knot, and we're all invited to the reception.

Some more fishy (in the best of ways). Carey Mulligan in sassy scaly Prada:

I may get serious flack for this, but I adore it. And I adore her. And she's married to Marcus Mumford, which earns her even more points.

Less flashy, but still ridiculously gorgeous (and I'm not even a big fan of the lady), is Jessica Biel (also in Prada. Way to rep, Miuccia).

Did I partly only include this because of JT in Tom Ford? Why yes, yes I did. But if Biel had had the hem shortened about 5 inches then I would've included her even sans Justin, I swear! Well, I kind of swear. Ok: I mildly promise.

I was definitely shunned a bit after expressing my love for her Oscars gown, but I stand by my love for Givenchy Haute Couture by Tisci's creations for Rooney Mara.

Yes, the underskirt needs to be longer. But otherwise I think this is fabulous. It's funky and delicate at the same time, just like the actress. I would've put some big emerald studs on her, and probably a matching bracelet, but maybe that's just me.

For my beautiful sister (who frequently gets told she looks just like Ricci, especially when new movies such as The Smurfs come out), I include Christina Ricci, who looked both absolutely ridiculous and absolutely awesome in Thakoon:

Look, obviously this is way too much on her 85 lb. frame. But still, the Met Ball is the time to go daring, and for such a short person she IS pretty much rocking this. Speaking of 85 lbs. (which is a guess, but as a shortie I can approximate pretty well), I think she may need to gain a few. That collarbone is entering weapon territory, and I am concerned.

Lastly, Coco Rocha in Givenchy. Not just any Givenchy; Givenchy previously owned by her majesty Elizabeth Taylor.

photos courtesy of all over the Internet

That, my friends, won the night for me, hands down.

What were your favorite looks? Do you think I'm insane for glorifying the above 8? Have I lost my blogging touch? Comments welcome and encouraged!

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