Thursday, May 24, 2012

La Cuisine Blanche

This post is dedicated to my main man. I mentioned wanting an all-white kitchen, and he couldn't picture the awesomeness; his brain kept conjuring up images of stale 80s kitchens, I think.

Thus, an inundation of beautiful (mostly) all-white kitchenspiration! All photos (except the one labeled House Beautiful) from

Let's start with some basics:

Traditional isn't really my style, but it's a good starting point.
If you're into modern.

Just plain pretty.

Not so into the blue pendants or the flooring, but otherwise trés lovely.

Another for the more traditionally-inclined.

And let's end with my favorites, the real muses:

Love. Especially into the mild green pendants and lightly chevroned tile backsplash. The laminate floor and wooden stools add nice warmth.
Pretty addicted to this guy; the grey wall really highlights the different textures of backsplash tile and countertop. I'd (shockingly) sub in a sparkly something for the orb pendant.

Et maintenant, the pièce de résistance; the real reason I want an all-white kitchen: 

My absolute favorite. Loving the subtly sparkly blue tile and pastel runner.


Another view featuring gawgeous lucite and chrome barstools.

And in the words of Luke Vibert and Jamie Lidell, a little bit more*:

Close-up of the beautiful sky tile.

 Have I proved my point? There's an all-white kitchen no matter your style inclinations (unless those happen to be "goth", perhaps). Happy Thursday!

*especially if you haven't seen him live, you're going to want to watch that video. Dude is adorable. He's the spazzy English Napoleon Dynamite of music.

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