Thursday, May 10, 2012

The good kind of chunky.

I never really got into the chunky necklace trend (I still always think Chico's when the subject of chunky jewelry comes up. *shudder*), but my feelings may be evolving. I'm trying not to buy as many clothes (OMG I KNOW. This is the most difficult thing I've done in a long time), so having a few pieces of statement jewelry to change up outfits from last year seems like a smart idea.

Case in point, this necklace I recently got from Anthro. I feel super awkward taking pictures of myself,  but here it is nonetheless for empirical evidence:

It's big without being overpowering, and it adds a necessary something to my black v-neck tee, dark jeans, and black pumps. Plus the colors go with almost everything in my closet. I can't quite get used to it, though, as I generally just wear a eensy diamond necklace my parents gave to me when I went off to college (cute story alert: it was the first present my dad ever gave my mom, so it's about 30 years old).

While I'm still not a total convert, I found these other gems (pun time is fun time) that I've now got my eye on.

More Anthro action:


Some inexpensive Asos bidness:


And not like J.Crew needs any more of my money, but...


Have you gotten on the chunky jewelry bandwagon?


  1. I've always been into the chunky jewelry and never thought of it as Chico's in any sense (oops maybe I was being judged all along). Love that color combo on you. Anthro has the best necklaces!!! It's always a challenge only picking one. I'm with you on fewer clothes + better unique accessories (including shoes). Spending more on quality staple clothing items trumps buying lots of trendy but cheap pieces every time.

  2. Also, I find some of Kendra Scott's stuff to be overly gaudy but this is pretty beautiful