Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Funky fresh.

Amidst all the life hustle going on, I've been feeling really drawn to fresh, clean interiors. We all know that I love an eclectic, colorful room, but lately the rooms that hit my sweet spot have been calmingly serene spaces. Let's all take a nice, slow breath and drink in the placidity together:

This Miles Redd bathroom is so chic and sexy; I'd hide from the world (armed with Bliss products and my dreamy boyfriend) and be a happy little bird:

This dining room from Allison Caccoma implements lattice work and a lot of white to maintain breathability. The light fixture doesn't rock my world, but the rest of it most definitely does:

A similar look, but implemented traditional-style:

Not sure of the designer here...

And the top lust item of the day, this Betsy Burnham living room. I'm loving the way the texture of the ceiling molding echoes the rug, as well as the mix of modern and classical, Eastern and Western. Turns out gray with pops of color is my new black.

last 3 pictures from House Beautiful

Don't you feel better now? Beauty is the best cure for high blood pressure, that much is definitely true.

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