Monday, April 9, 2012

I did not die!

I am alive! But also stupidly busy with school and work, and my poor little LCaL has become Lady Chirps But a Mere Little Bit of Chirps.

That being said, I promised to keep you all updated on the Bastrop house progress, so I present to you...the new house as of now! Featuring land with hundreds of pines removed, and more still to be taken down. On my first drive out there I actually turned up the wrong property, as the entrance looks completely different than before the fires. But enough sad talk.

To begin, here is where my parents currently sleep when they stay in Bastrop: ye olde Motorhome:

Mom joked that she was going to get goats, a defunct washing machine, and an old couch to put in the yard around the motorhome. Turns out she wasn't joking about the goats:

Sadly, they are only metal. Still very bleatin' cute, though.

More importantly, though, is the construction on the new house! Let's take a little look-see, hm?


Base of house! Pier and beam style. There will be a second story, also.

Base of house with some deck-age

Deck to be! That beauty is over 900 square feet.

View from living room, over deck, to trees. We get to keep quite a few of those ones. The pool will be down there by Summer 2013.

Wood all the time.

Sad picture. Everything black will be taken down.

And some happy pictures- the surviving pieces of the old place:

Dad's garage (Papa John's Playhouse):

and the deer feeder:

We're terrible Texans: we ooh and aaah over the deer instead of shooting them. I especially love this photo because of how beautifully green the land looks. Mom and Dad spread tons of grass seed all over the property, and the color it adds takes some of the depressing out of the whole "losing a ton of gorgeous pines and two cabins" situation.

I hope you've enjoyed the little tour! Stay tuned for other wondrous things, most specifically: walls!

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