Thursday, March 15, 2012

My dear friends...and some navy :)

Well even without the Miu Miu pumps, I managed to get a 100% on my Psychology test! Thank you, less stellar but still awesome Boutique 9's.

I've been a wee bit stressed with work and school, and so my blogging has obviously suffered. You should see my coffee table; overflowing with Vanity Fairs and Harper's Bazaars that haven't even been opened! For shame, Natalie, for shame. When my new Elle Decor came in yesterday, I fairly unceremoniously plopped it on top of the still cellophane'd March Vanity Fair, but then did a double take. I'm sure I've mentioned it on here before, but I'm just dying to get a new couch, and I'm set on having a navy velvet one. Our old light blue couch was pretty in its heyday, but it's now a very sad little sofa that needs to cash in its 401k.

Apparently I'm trés on trend with my navy hankering! I didn't know if the look had run its course by now. Not that I really care, honestly; if I still like the look then "in style" be darned.

So pretty.

This means I'll be a little behind by the time Joseph and I actually purchase our navy velvet couch, but still- I was all sortsa pumped, and Joseph totally squee'd.

Fine. He didn't squee. But I do think he glanced from the computer to the magazine, which is definitely something!

And speaking of slightly behind the times (but who cares), I'd probably need these last season Nicholas Kirkwoods to match the couch:

via Saks

I prefer to associate "last season" with "more affordable" rather than "no longer cool". Don't you?

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