Monday, February 6, 2012

Testosterone and toe shoes.

Joseph and I are going to see Les Ballets Trockadero tomorrow evening, and I'm so excited. They are one of my favorite artistic troupes; it's a group of all male dancers that play both the male and female roles, and they are insanely talented dancers and satirists (although they do parody more than satire, one could argue. Let's not fight, though, ok? Good. Agree to disagree.). I haven't seen them since college!

One of their most loved pieces is their rendition of the famous Act II pas de quatre from Swan Lake. When done by traditional ballet companies as originally choreographed, the segment is a study in perfection. The four ballerinas dance as one, melding their personalities and making synchronized swimmers jealous of their identical coupes and entrechats. As it's a pas de quatre, you would expect corps members to play the roles, but because of the skill level needed to ace the timing and angles of the moves the foursome is almost always comprised of soloists. Par exemple, see the Paris Opera Ballet nail it.

And the Trocks:

Sure, it's base humor if you're a purist, but I personally love the high skill level juxtaposed with the hamminess. 

Have you seen them perform? Did they do it for you? Or do you prefer your ballerinas with less...ahem...junk in the tutu?

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