Monday, February 27, 2012


All I want to do is look at pictures of beautiful people and pretend like I'm rich and famous.

So join me! To hopefully add a little bright spot to your Monday, I present to you...Penelope Cruz's Oscars looks from recent years. If you weren't aware, Penelope Cruz is my personal favorite celebrity (looks-wise, at least. She is tied with various others for the acting-wise award), and I'm quite smitten with the woman. She rarely blunders on the red carpet, although being stupidly gorgeous helps right a lot of wrongs, of course.

Her Armani Privé this year was beautiful:

The color is divine and the cut is classy and glamorous. Do I love her hair? I do not. I think it makes her look matronly, and I would've much preferred a sleek ponytail or bun with this for some nice contrast. Otherwise, though, j'adore.

Speaking of matronly, she had JUST had a baby before last year's Oscars, and still completely rocked it in a burgundy L'wren Scott:

Why hello there cleavage, sparkly, and Javier! I wouldn't say no to jumping in their limo, if you know what I mean.

2010's Donna Karan was a big dose of 'meh' to me:

Taffeta, curtain, awkward, etc. Lady still has that face, though, so again: not unforgivable.

Her 2009 vintage Balmain takes the Best Dress award, hands down, for me:

How do you even describe how perfect that is?

Although I did also love her 2008 Chanel Haute Couture, slightly strange crotchal draping be damned:


And I can't not include her most famous look, her Atelier Versace from 2007:

all pictures from all over the internet when you Google "Penelope Cruz Oscars"

I like but don't love this one, although the craftsmanship and wow factors are definitely notable.

And thus, my rankings:

1) 2009's Balmain
2) 2008's Chanel
3) 2012's Armani Privé
4) 2011's L'wren Scott
5) 2007's Atelier Versace
6) 2010's Donna Karan

Et vous, readers?

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  1. ah Natalie we haven't even talked about this yet but her dress was my favorite also! And I also felt her hair was trying way to hard and that made me so sad. Yes to the dress though! I actually felt the dresses this year were the best in a long time. Or maybe it was that the show overall was so boring that in comparison, anything else would be more interesting?