Thursday, February 16, 2012

Call a spade a spade.

Last night I told my good friend Stephanie (or 'S to the Dailey', as she's known in certain circles) that the only reason I want an iPhone is so I can get a Kate Spade case for it. I mean, I have a Kindle and an iPad, so I have absolutely no use for an iPhone, but still! Maybe I'll just buy a case and make a fake iPhone out of cardboard. Because that isn't sad and wrong at all.

Anywhoozits, this all came about because Kate Spade introduced their newest pattern for Spring and Summer, and I feel like it hasn't gotten much love. The Japanese floral, seen on the Melinda bag here:

has been all over the place. And rightly so! It's gorgeous and goes with everything. But I want to shine a light on its little sister, the super punchy Octagonal print, because it's a gloomy day out and we could all use a dose of bright.

Kate put it on everything, including:

The Wrap Dress!

The Shirtdress!

The Silk Button-Up!

The iPhone case that brought this whole discussion about!

And the absolutely adorable, trés Kate Spade Flared Pleated Skirt.

It's! And everyone likes fun. I think I'll also take it in a shower curtain and a set of dish towels, please and thank you.


  1. Super cute case! If you make a cardboard phone, can you craft me an iPad?? ;)
    S to the Dailey